Download 36 Retro 8 Bit SFX Variety Pack 1


PRICE: $ 7.00


I bring to you an 8 Bit SFX variety pack. This mostly consists of weapon sounds, some reloads, a couple explosions, and some swooshes. All of these sounds with designed by me and I’ve put my creative side to the test. It was very fun to do and I will release more in the future.

This is a perfect pack for you to implement into your creative project, especially video games. Have fun with using these sounds, thanks!


Files: 36 files ◉ Metadata included

Duration: Approx. 00:29 Minutes

Total Size: 16.01 MB

Sample Rate: 96000 Hz, 16/24 bit, WAV

Channels: Stereo (Mono compatible)

Gear: Zoom H5, SSH-6, Zoom H1n

License Type: Royalty-Free

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