Download 15 Kitchen Sound Effects


Price: $ 3.00


I bring to you Kitchen Sound Effects recorded straight from my apartment. It consists of sounds from dishes, cutlery, some appliances, sink faucet, all at varied intensities.

During our lockdown here in Ontario, Canada, I can’t go to many places due to restrictions. I must get creative and record what I can in my local surroundings. Although I normally go out into nature to record sounds, there is actually many sounds that I can record from home!

These sounds are good for many different kinds of projects. You can even come up with an entirely new sound from these. I hope you’re able to make use of these sounds for your project, thank you for the support!


Files: 15 files ◉ Metadata included

Duration: Approx. 15:34 Minutes

Total Size: 513 MB

Sample Rate: 96000 Hz, 24 bit, WAV

Channels: Stereo (Mono compatible)

Gear: Zoom H5, SSH-6

License Type: Royalty-Free

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