Download 4 Relaxing Seaton Trail River Sounds


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We went out for a little hike that runs along a river, called Seaton Trail. The trail is pretty long depending on how far you want to stay on the hike. It’s beautiful and you are pretty much beside the river 90% of the time.

Surprisingly, this wasn’t a far place to reach. It was about a half hour drive from where we live, within our region. Due to Canada’s lock down restrictions, I’m limited to where I can go and record sounds. I was lucky to snag these sounds without too much disturbance from the public.

Thank you for your support! I hope you can make use of these river sounds.


Files: 4 files ◉ Metadata included

Duration: Approx. 17:17 Minutes

Total Size: 569 MB

Sample Rate: 96000 Hz, 24 bit, WAV

Channels: Stereo (Mono compatible)

Gear: Zoom H5, SSH-6

License Type: Royalty-Free

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