ZOOM H5 – How to use as an External Mic for Androids

This short and simple guide will help you connect your Zoom H5 to your android smart phone as an external microphone. If you want better audio quality for your phone videos, this will drastically improve the overall quality, as opposed to using the internal phone microphone.

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Zoom H5 + Android Phone

Tutorial Video

You can watch this tutorial video where I explain and visually show you how to setup the Zoom H5 with your android phone. I also do a test comparison between using the Zoom H5 and the phone internal mic.

Tutorial on connecting the Zoom H5 + Android Smart Phone

Things You Need

These are the things you will need in order for you to accomplish a successful setup.

The Procedure

Now let’s going over the steps from beginning to end. We’re going to use all the items listed previously to complete this setup.

  • Connect the mini-USB cable to the Zoom H5
  • Once connected, hook it up to your USB C adapter and then connect it to your phone
  • Turn on your Zoom H5
    • The USB menu will pop up. Select “Audio Interface”.
    • If you’re using the stock XY microphone capsule, you’ll want to use “Stereo”
    • If you’re using input from an XLR microphone, which is connected at the bottom, select “Multitrack”.
    • In this case, I’ll be using “Stereo”
    • In the stereo menu, you can select PC/MAC(Bus powered), which uses the power from your android phone
      • Or you could use PC/MAC(Battery) to run it off the ZOOM H5 Battery.
    • Make sure to press on the “Track Buttons” to enable the Microphone capsule. A indicator light will come on.
      • Optionally, you can connect your headphones to the Zoom H5 to monitor the sound as well as listen to the audio playback from your android.
  • On your android phone, make sure to set the USB to be controlled by the connected device. In most cases, this will automatically take place.
  • If shooting a video, you’ll have to go into it’s settings and select “external mic on”. This may differ from phone to phone, but is generally the same idea.
  • Note: All audio is saved onto the phone and NOT the SD card in the Zoom H5.


You are now ready to record high quality audio along side with your videos for your Android smartphone.

My Thoughts

This is really useful method for people who like to record videos on their android smartphones. It saves you a lot of time by taking out that step of having to sync up the audio separately. Your videos will sound much better, improving the overall quality.

It’s nice being able to record with this setup because I can upload directly to social media websites like Instagram or twitter, without having to transfer videos to the PC to edit them.

I hope this tutorial helped you out! Have a good day.

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