Download Sounds of Rain from a Car for Relaxation



Originally, I was going to make my way up north to record some forest ambience but the clouds weren’t looking to great. It began raining heavily, which called for a change of plans. I decided to make use of this opportunity to record my first rain sounds. As a bonus, I also recorded the whole drive back with sounds of rain hitting the car window + exterior sounds through opened windows.

I pulled up into a forest area that had some kind of radio/communications building that was fenced off. There wasn’t anyone there and I was totally alone.

I didn’t have any waterproof gear so I had to record from the back of my car trunk. The sounds of rain still turned out pretty nice. You can hear birds chirping and the rain pinging off the metal fence + my car. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! It’s very relaxing.


Files: 6 files ◉ Metadata included

Duration: 53:28 minutes

Total Size: 972 MB

Sample Rate: 96000/48000 Hz, 24 bit, WAV

Channels: Stereo

Gear: Zoom H5

License Type: Royalty-Free

Price: Free!

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