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Lonely Bell Phone Booth



We just got done with our field recording trip/hike in Barron Canyon and had to make our 2-3 hour journey to our hotel, in Huntsville. It was getting late and the great North isn’t too lit up like a city.

During our drive back, we had to cut through Algonquin Park to save some time. It was pitch black outside. That was until we saw this lonely Bell phone booth, lit up in it’s cool blue color.

We decided we wanted to take pictures of it and also record the room tone for this occasion.

It was a little creepy because not too far down the car path was another car sitting in the darkness. I suspected there was people sleeping in the car because I heard a slight sound from it. The night was also particularly still, which amplified the creepy sounds we heard in the woods.

Not being able to see into the darkness + creepy sounds = nope.


Duration: Approx. 2:59 minutes

Total Size: 98.7 MB

Sample Rate: 96000 Hz, 24 bit, WAV

Channels: Stereo

Gear: Zoom H1n

License Type: Royalty-Free

Price: Free!

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